visvim 2013 Spring/Summer FBT AMDO-FOLK

Image of visvim 2013 Spring/Summer FBT AMDO-FOLK

visvim‘s classic FBT boot is arriving this spring in a new AMDO-FOLK iteration that trades the trademark leather fringe for a fabric version. The unique moccasin hybrid features a blue suede upper with a white distressed fabric fringe running around the ankle collar. The fabric fringe features the painted “+” motif seen in some of visvim’s other offerings for the season and is attached to the shoe with blue suede ties. The FBT AMDO-FOLK is available now at visvim locations

visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-2-630x420 visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-4-630x420 visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-3-630x420 visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-5-630x420 visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-1-630x420 visvim-fbt-amdo-folk-6-630x420


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